About Redwood Wellness Partners

Redwood Wellness Partners was founded in 2009 on the belief that the only way for the US to escape the ever escalating medical costs is through better preventive care; by catching disease early we can keep employees and their spouses out of the hospital and thus reduce healthcare cost

Redwood Leadership

Christian Frank, M.Sc. is the Founder and President of Redwood Wellness Partners.  A computer scientist with a minor in medicine by training he began his career with McKinsey & Company, an international management consulting firm.  He spent several years with IBM where he held executive positions culminating in being the head of IBM’s Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing business and spent time at Automatic Data Processing as Chief Strategy Officer, and head of marketing and product management. 


What’s with the name?

When Christian was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Oregon he often spent time in the National Parks where he admired the Redwood forests.  Redwoods (or Sequoias) are the largest and tallest individual trees in the world, as well as the second longest living species.  We liked the name since our firm’s mission is to extend health and longevity for our participants.