How our program works

Typically an employer’s relationship with Redwood begin with a brief needs assessment.  We will work with you to tailor an end-to-end wellness program.  Jointly we will determine participant eligibility, an employee communications plan, implementation timelines, the data to be collected (both in HRA and biometrics) as well as lay out the health improvement programs and incentives to encourage participation. 

The next phase consists of an on-site health screenings using of a combination of a health risk assessment, a comprehensive blood test, height and weight measurements, a blood pressure reading and a body fat measurement.  This on-site assessment is provided in a way that is convenient to the participant, effective for diagnosis of common diseases and efficient for companies to increase employee health.

Prior to the screening, employees register by signup sheet, phone or online for an appointment slot.  When participants arrive at the designated location (ideally a conference room with some privacy screens) they fill in a health risk assessment form, measure their height and weight (self service), a Redwood phlebotomist draws a blood sample, takes a blood pressure reading and administers the body fat screen.  The whole process takes 15-20 minutes and follows a standardized operating procedure.  At this point the employee returns to work. 

In detail it looks like this:

  1. We agree to a date of the screening and you provide us with an on-site contact person who can schedule a conference room or an office for the date
  2. Redwood creates an employee information / participation campaign
    • Emails, Posters, Flyers, distributed by your on-site contact
  3. Employees are encouraged to sign up for a time slot to minimize waiting
    • Participation is of course voluntary
  4. Redwood comes to your office in the morning of the screening and sets up the room
  5. Your employees go to the screening room, fill in a medical history form, we take a blood sample, measure blood pressure, body fat and the employees return to their job within 20 minutes
  6. We then analyze the blood, vitals and medical history information and generates an individual report that is mailed to each employee
  7. Redwood follows up directly with employees that have highly abnormal results
  8. Redwood encourages employees with abnormal results to see their physician for treatment
  9. We forward results to the physicians when authorized by the employee
  10. Redwood creates summary report for you (individual results are of course confidential)
  11. That’s all